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Throw yourself out of yourself
                            --Paul Celan


Readings and Appearances Spring/Summer 2016

APRIL National Poetry Month ... means hustling to readings and other joyful events:

13th: Workshop at Beacon House

14th: Take Heart Reading Portland Library 7 pm (Wes McNair)

19th: Reading Baxter Library (Gorham) 7 pm

21st: Longfellow Days Reading and Activities (Brunswick)

22nd: POETRY GALA hosted by the BPJ. Space Gallery 7pm

27th Take Heart Reading Yarmouth Library 7 pm


1st: Merriconeag Poetry Festival (I'll congratulate the young poets and speak on resilience)

6th: Democratic Convention in Portland (we're Gorham delegates!)

10th: Bull Feeney's Reading Portland 7:30. Always rousing. Come raise a glass!


--dates forthcoming--

August 6: BPJ Summer Soiree 7 pm. Elegant eats, poetry around the campfire.

Always looking forward to AWP! We just booked the BPJ table for February 2017 in Washington DC. We'll be there, and we've got lots of issues (good ones). 

Other News:

"My Fortune 500 Love Poem" appears on Verse Daily: 



What I'm Reading

Great reads include Don Platt's "Dirt Angels," Jesse Lee Kercheval's "Cinema Muto," Alison Benis White's "Self-Portrait With Crayon," "Black Leapt In" by Chris Forhan, and "Arranging the Blaze," by Chad Sweeney.  "Blood Almanac" by Sandy Longhorn is stunning.  I am revisiting Rita Dove these days.   

I have special affection for field journals,visual  dictionaries, Eastern European poets (
trans. by Charles Simic), Ann Carson's Glass, Irony and God, the literary journal Forklift, Ohio, and Art & Soul: Notes on Creating by Audrey Flack.  Also the collected intrigues of Scooby Doo and the Mystery, Inc. gang. 


Galileo's missing fingers found in jar.
CNN November 23, 2009

Two fingers cut from the hand of Italian astronomer Galileo nearly 300 years ago have been rediscovered more than a century after they were last seen. . .

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